Viraat 6th Day Total Box Office Collection | Viraat (Kannada) 1st Wednesday Collection

Viraat 6th Day Total Box Office Collection | Viraat (Kannada) 1st Wednesday Collection: Viraat (Kannada movie) is directed by Mr. H.Vasu ji,produced by C. Kalyan, written by M. S. Ramesh.and lead role play in this picture Darshan ,P.RaviShankar,Chaitra Chandranath, Isha Chawla .Viraathave good set in 3rd, Viraat (Kannada picture) is based on the activity.newcomers performers are in this film and good acting in this movie, good supportive parts in this picture. Solo action, good back ground music in this movie.

Viraat (Kannada film) great set on its opening day, film fans are like viraat activity,through Viraat have great box office set in 3rd day. 1st, 2nd day have great group,3rd day have additionally great set. Viraat (Kannada film) has contacted the number of onlookers focused on narrative with reference to Karnataka. The movie rotates aroundthe warm profession which will help to get power Karnataka to have excellent strategy.

Viraat 6th Day Total Box Office Collection

Darshan is absolutely essayed screwed up and part of your authorities servant and attempt be helping the civilian. His last movie Mr Airavata did average business in the box office. So anticipation in the Viraat is usually enormous. Viraat picture is still published on about five hundred displays globally. Nevertheless , Viraat film funding is considered about Rs.

Darshan sent up huge to the symbol performances. The film most of the components like actions, value, national health care and patriotism. The film revolves around an excellent thermal undertaking involving the hero combined with the villian.

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