NASA gives the world a glimpse of Indo-Pak border from space

NASA gives the world a glimpse of Indo-Pak border from space: An astronaut has taken a snapshot of Pakistan edge and India . Based on reports, this picture was clicked on September 23. The Indo Pak edge image that has been captured on nighttime was shared on October 3 on the social networking web site Facebook and since that time, it has been seen and shared by millions.

The picture clicked where it showed India’s northwestern section in radiant lights. The snapshot gave a clear picture of Pakistan and India are divided. Both states could be seen divided with a thin ribbon of distinguishing orange ribbon, which will be the chain of security lights on the edge. The lovely image was clicked using a 28 millimetre lens.

The picture even revealed the glowing shimmering port of Karachi. This picture reveals among a small number of areas on Earth where international border may be seen at night time. Then he spent many months directing navy and his army down the period of the Indus valley revealed in this view. From Karachi that was near, then he started back to Mesopotamia (modern Iraq).

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