Google CEO Sundar Pichai Speech in Delhi University in Written

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Speech in Delhi University in Written: Internet search engine giant Google on Wednesday (16 December) said the organization will develop products for the following billion people in India. Chief Executive Officer of Google, Sundar Pichai, who is on his maiden visit to India after taking over as the CEO of Google earlier this year, said the company is also expanding its headcount in India, notably in engineering operations.

So much continues to be reported on all the initiatives that Google is taking on, in India during the the next couple of quarters and years, in the media.

1- Google will work to improve access to the internet to as many people as you possibly can. That suggests an enormous jab on Indian language web. Additionally, answers and technologies to air web to rural areas and link individuals in public spaces like railway stations.

2- Google will work on products which can be quicker and lighter. These may also use up less data. There might be more products which operate on and offline slow connections.

3- That is excellent business sense. These would require its marketing merchandises to be important in the world that is online.

4- Google is unhappy with only brief-form content on Youtube. There’s a surge in long kind. It will partner with, organisations including film schools to ensure, and is partnering -form content gets uploaded.

5- All of the preceding suggest investments. Google will invest in India in both engineering and company development.