Airlift 21st Day 3rd Week Thursday Total Box Office Collection, Income or Kamai

Airlift 21st Day 3rd Week Thursday Total Box Office Collection, Income or Kamai: Airlift continues to be appreciating an excellent performance in the box office now. The way the picture is being received by the crowds is the greatest thing. Based on manager Raja Krishna Menon, the script was written by him after examining the plight of Indians as well as the entire event of war based in Kuwait. Even then the makers needed to face several hurdles and problems as well as controversies where few folks have said the movie showcased a narrative that is totally erroneous. After exceptionally having believed the movie has right patriotic touch inside and enjoying the script, the movie eventually got materialized.

The sets of the movie happen to be very much striking and the movie has an excellent box office report. Using the favorable word being spread all over as well as a superb powerful mouth conversation, areas are being reached by the movie now. With back to back successes.

Up to now, sets has amassed and something is for certain that the way in which the movie is performing is so much fascinating if we check them out. All has already impressed. Airlift is going places. The film stars Nimrat Kaur and Akshay Kumar in the lead characters.

Airlift 21st Day Total Box Office Collection

  • 1st: 12.35
  • 2nd: 14.60
  • 3rd: 17.35
  • 4th: 10.40
  • 5th: 17.80
  • 6th: 6
  • 7th: 5
  • 8th: 4.5
  • 9th: 6.5
  • 10th: 8.26
  • 11th: 2.53
  • 12th: 2.61
  • 13th: 2.40
  • 14th: 1.99
  • 15th: 2.03
  • 16th: 3.04
  • 17th: 3.34
  • 18th: 1.04
  • 19th: 0.91 Lakhs
  • 20th: 0.70 Lakhs*
  • 21st: 0.65 Lakhs*
  • Total: 123 Cr

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