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CEO of Haaknews.in – Pawan Patidar

Pawan Patidar is founder of Haaknews.in. He started his work with SEO Expert in Several company and now a successful blogger after 5 year of jobs in blogging. He keeps interests in Internet marketing and new Technology.

Chief Editor – Manoj Jain

Manoj Jain completed their Graduation in Information Technology from Rajive Gandhi Technical University Bhopal and 2 year experienced in content Writing and editing. He currently work as chief editor of Haaknews.in and check all content editing and writing news.

Content Writing and Editing Team

Nitu Patidar – Entertainment

Nitu Patidar have 2 year experienced in content writing and she covers entertainment related content such as Bollywood, review about new movies for Haaknews.in Entertainment section.

Sanjay Madiya – Sports

Sanjay Madiya is one of the good Editor and Content Writer of Haaknews.in who writes articles on sports section like cricket, football, badminton and all other trending News. He keeps interest in following sports.

Pramod Patidar – Technology

Promod Patidar is joined Haaknews as a Content Writer. He is now writes articles mostly on technology and trending news.

Amit Jain – Educational & Exam Reporter

Amit Jain is working for haaknews as a content writer. He is an amazing writer for Education with great quality of articles.

Priyanka Srivastav – Politics News Reporter

Priyanka Srivastav recently join with us as a Content writer and she covers politics section on our website. She also write news on entertainment and other trending news.

Manish Yadav – Careers News Reporter

Manish Yadav is another Content Writer who recently Join Haaknews.in. He is a very good writer who writes on education, jobs and careers related content for us.

Nishant – Mobile & Internet

Nishant is also a Content Writer who provides latest mobile review and internet related content for us.